Description / Features

RoKCell is a software developped by Matelys for characterizing the acoustic parameters of a porous medium following the method described by Olny & Panneton [PO06],[OP08].
Compared to other techniques, RoKCell allows an analytical inversion of four of Johnson-Champoux-Allard-Lafarge's model parameters.

To date, RoKCell is the only analytical tool which allows a characterization of the static thermal permeability introduced by Lafarge et al. [LLAT97]

Below, a 6-min video shows an example of the acoustic characterization of a foam using RokCell.

Here are some screenshots of RoKCell main panel and RoKCell characterization windows for visco-inertial (tortuosity, viscous characteristic length) and thermal parameters (thermal characteristic length, static thermal permeability).

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